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The System Resale Refurbishment Process

What do we mean when we say a product is "refurbished"?

The refurbishment process is a multi-step procedure to ensure that the products we send out are in good working condition. The steps include, visual inspection, cleaning, replacement of damaged compnonents, diagnostic testing, password removal, and secure packaging. Once a product has gone through our refurbishment process we apply a 90 day warranty.

Visual Inspection

All of our products are opened and visually inspected for signs of physical damage, blown capacitors, damaged components and signs of overheating.


The equipment is thoroughly cleaned of all dust and debris using compressed air and electronic component cleaners.

Replacement of Damaged Components

The product is sent to our testing lab. Our technicians replace any blown or suspected faulty components such as capcitors, relays and cooling fans that were found faulty during visual inspection.

Diagnostic Testing

All products undergo a rigorous diagnostic test. Each port, module or slot is individually tested under heavy traffic conditions to ensure proper working order.

Password Removal and Factory Reset

After testing, products are returned to their Factory Default settings and any passwords and/or configuration is removed. This ensures that the product is as good as the day you bought it.

Final Inspection

The product undergoes a final inspection where any cosmetic defects are addressed. At this stage, when deemed necessary, the chassis may be repainted with the original manufacturer's colour of paint.

Secure Packaging

Unlike many resellers, we do not skimp on the packaging of our products. All products are securely packaged with anti-static bags, anti-static bubble wrap, anti-static packing peanuts and double-walled boxes(depending on the weight of the item).This ensures that your sensitive equipment will survive nearly any misshaps along it's destination to you.


All of our System Resale Refurbished products carry a full 90 day hardware warranty.