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One Source for Pre-Owned, Used, Refurbished and New-Surplus Networking and Enterprise Systems Hardware

System Resale is Canada's largest provider of used, refurbished and surplus Cisco Systems routers, switches and accessories and DEC, VAX and Alpha systems and peripherals. All System Resale's pre-owned, used; refurbished and new surplus equipment is backed by an industry-leading warranty and support from our in house certified technicians.

Small, midsized and large businesses across North America and around the world rely on System Resale for high-quality, fully-guaranteed technology solutions.

In addition to the significant savings you realize by purchasing pre-owned, used and refurbished Cisco, DEC/ Compaq/ HP equipment through System Resale, you can also lower your total cost of ownership by purchasing pre-owned "spares" rather than hefty maintenance contracts. Recover your investment in end-of-life or depreciated used routers, switches, servers and other technology equipment, by selling it to System Resale for cash or trade.

The Refurbishment Process

System Resale rigorously tests and fully refurbishes all network equipment in its state-of-the art facility to guarantee that our customers receive only high quality equipment in excellent cosmetic and working condition, including pre-owned and used Cisco routers and switches, and DEC / Compaq / HP equipment, is backed with a our repair or replacement warranty. And, our certified technicians are always available to answer questions about requirements, configuration and installation.

Cisco Systems

System Resale has access to over $100 million in inventory of used Cisco Systems routers, switching, legacy hardware and a full line of accessories for Cisco products. We carry an extensive inventory of Cisco Systems hardware including routers LAN Switching, IP Telephony, Video and Web Collaboration, PIX, VPN and ISDN, Gigabit Ethernet products, and storages as well as all memory and third party options.

System Resale Solutions carries an extensive inventory of current generation new surplus as well as Cisco hard-to-find legacy hardware, including the Cisco 2600, Cisco 3700, Cisco 7200 and GSR 12000 router series, the Cisco Catalyst 2950, Cisco Catalyst 3750 and Cisco Catalyst 6500 switch series and all Cisco memory, modules and accessories. Most products are in stock and ready for immediate delivery and integration.

System Resale also carries a wide variety of transceivers both Cisco Original and third party solutions are available. These include WS-G5484, WS-G5496, GLC-SX-MM, GLC-LH-MM, GLC-T and many many others.

Dec / Compaq / HP

System Resale carries a wide array of Dec / Compaq /HP products. Including servers, storage, networking and hard to find Legacy Equipment. If you have needs for Dec, Vax or Alpha Systems - System Resale Solutions is far and away your best choice for finding it. When others can't find your solution...we can.

Dell Servers / Storage / Networking

System Resale has a large range of Dell Products ready for you. Storage, Servers, Workstations and Networking devices in the Dell line up. Our technicians are Dell certified and ready to help you.

Legacy Equipment of all types

Sometimes an old product is the best product. We specialize in finding hard to find equipment and have a warehouse of stock on even the most esoteric items. If you can't find it - contact System Resale Solutions. We can.