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To be the most trusted Canadian resource for pre-owned, refurbished and new surplus Network and Enterprise IT hardware, by earning the trust of our customers by providing exceptional customer service.

Why System Resale?

1. Return on your investment.System Resale Solutions offers the highest market values paid in the industry for re-marketable equipment from Cisco, DEC, Compaq, HP, and other vendors.

2. Storage Cost. Eliminate the cost of storing excess, outdated or used networking equipment.

3. Save Time. System Resale Solutions provides the expert support you need to assess inventory value, de-install, pack and ship your equipment.

4. Peace of mind. System Resale is a GREEN COMPANY we guarantee that all equipment and materials are recycled where ever possible.

System Resale Solutions is the Canada's Leading Provider of Pre-owned, Used and Refurbished Cisco

System Resale Solutions was formed in 1987 by former GE Capital Information Technologies Remarketing Specialist, Rick Niesiobedski. In the early 1989, Harry McMaster, formerly Sales Manager for, a pioneer in the used/ refurbished IT equipment business joined System Resale Solutions as a managing partner.

Originally they focused almost exclusively on pre-owned, used and refurbished DEC systems and peripherals.

In 1997 Rick and Harry seeing the emerging growth of the internet and Cisco Systems decided to refocus the business primarily on networking equipment - principally from CISCO SYSTEMS.

The duo - now regarded as pioneers of the secondary Cisco equipment industry - soon saw their business skyrocket.

Today, SYSTEM RESALE SOLUTIONS is Canada's leading provider of pre-owned, used and refurbished Cisco Systems hardware and the dominant provider of pre-owned, used and refurbished DEC / Compaq / HP legacy hardware.

Our customers base includes many Fortune 500, small and medium enterprises, service providers and government entities, who turned to System Resale for high-quality, reliable DEC/ COMPAQ Legacy Enterprise systems and CISCO SYSTEMS Enterprise networking hardware and service contracts.

In 2004 Rick decided to pursue a career in Management Consulting and sold his interest in the business to Harry.

Terms of Sale

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